Trade Mark Office decision – HOWARDS’ HUBBY HIRE & Design trade mark v. HIRE A HUBBY trade mark

Chrysiliou IP represents clients of all sizes, from international companies that own world-famous brands to small Australian businesses. In a recent case before the Australian Trade Marks Office, Highdawn Pty Ltd v. John Howard [2013] ATMO 48 (13 June 2013), Chrysiliou IP assisted the applicant, John Howard, in opposition proceedings commenced by Highdawn Pty Ltd [...]

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Trade Marks: Vital Differences Between USA and Australia – Part One

Trademarks: Vital Differences Between Usa and Australia - Part One Trade Mark Assignment In the United States, a trade mark cannot be assigned without the “goodwill” associated with the trade mark. The Lanham Act describes the “goodwill” as “the good will of the business in which the mark is used, or with that [...]

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Your Brands – Love Them or Lose Them

Your Brands - Love Them Or Lose Them The Value of Your Brands Consider for a moment the value of your brands. At first sight, brands may appear to be simply an identifier of the various products or services in your range. However, brands are much more than that. They signify the [...]

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Trade Marks in Breach of Consumer Laws – Is it about the Brand or the Product?

Trade Marks in Breach of Consumer Laws – Is it about the Brand or the Product? There are organisations and consumer groups focusing on production method issues and these may very well have an impact on trade marks. The function of trade marks has evolved from an indication of product source to other [...]

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