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Chrysiliou IP offers a complete range of intellectual property services, including, but not limited to: Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Know-How and Confidential Information, Licensing, Domain Names, Business Names and Corporations, Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, “Due Diligence” Reports, Searching services (such as Patent and Trade Mark Searches) and a range of other intellectual property services.  (Click headings to expand)

Each time you have a novel device, technical method or system you should seek patent protection. Click for more: Patents.
If your goods or services are identified by a badge, sign or brand name, trade mark protection should be sought. Click for more: Trade Marks
If your product has unique design features, you may obtain a monopoly through design patent or registration. Such a monopoly may give you a weapon to exclude others from copying your design.
Your “best kept secret” may not be patentable but it may be the very reason for your business success. Click for more Information
Business or corporate names are registered independently from any trade mark registration but do not confer statutory rights in that name.  Disputes often arise between conflicting business, corporate or domain names and trade marks. Click for more Information
A certain truth is that good ideas are copied.  The ‘in demand’ consumer goods market is flooded with forgeries every year. Click for more Information
As a specialist in intellectual property, Chrysiliou IP is ideally equipped to provide intellectual property “due diligence” reports essential in any important business acquisition or joint venture.  Any target company which, for example, develops high technology equipment or, on the other hand, trades on the basis of well recognised brand names, must in this era be the subject of a thorough IP due diligence exercise.
Searching is an important element in determining the availability of protection or potential problems to the marketing of a product, service or concept. Click for more Information
Our services are offered globally via links with associate patent and trade mark agencies and attorney firms throughout the world. Click for more Information
Our aim is to maintain a competitive edge, but at the same time not to compromise the level of the outstanding service for which we are known.
Anti Piracy Programs | CHRYSTALISE IP Wealth Creation | MARKTRIX brand creation | INVENT-A-MARKET Commercialisation | The Copyright Register | Mediator Plus conflict assistance. Click for more Information

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