Enforcement of Rights

A certain truth is that good ideas are copied. The ‘in demand’ consumer goods market is flooded with forgeries every year. Likewise, any licence or franchise agreement can go wrong. In these circumstances it may become necessary to take affirmative action to protect your rights or preserve your position.

Chrysiliou IP can look after your interests in that regard and has an established and well respected anti-piracy practice. In most cases, matters handled by Chrysiliou IP can be readily settled without litigation. If there is no alternative to litigation, then Chrysiliou IP, in association with Chrysiliou Lawyers (a solicitors’ practice with which it is affiliated) can look after your interests. We will do this in a level-headed and cost effective manner with a view to recovering compensation where there is proven infringement, or to limit your losses if things go wrong.

By associating specialist lawyers with qualified patent and trade mark attorneys, Chrysiliou IP has created a team which is uniquely placed to protect your intellectual property in the most effective fashion – who better to have on your side protecting your intellectual property rights than the intellectual property team who knows you and your intellectual property rights.