Patent Attorney Australia

Each time you have a novel device, technical method or system you should consider using the services of our friendly experienced Patent Attorneys.  In Australia, we have two levels for protecting inventions: a short term, innovation patent that is easy to obtain and enforce for products with a short market life or low level of inventiveness, and the more long term and comprehensive standard patent protection.  If your product has unique design features, you may obtain a monopoly through design patent or registration. Such a monopoly may give you a weapon to exclude others from copying your design.

Our Patent Attorneys can help you to obtain an advantage over your competitors or to prevent them from obtaining an advantage over you.  We have the extensive experience and know-how to provide you with the edge in the identification of appropriate areas of patent protection.  Our skills include the preparation of superior and carefully crafted patent specifications as well as design and trade mark applications .  We deal in all matters before the Australian Patent, Trade Marks and Design Office, IP Australia, including opposing the grant of rights to others.  Intellectual property can prove to be your most valuable asset and it makes sense to ensure that you do not lose such rights by failing to determine what protection (or action against your competitors) is available and the steps you need to take to avail yourself of that protection (or proactively take action).