Other Specialised Intellectual Property Services

We offer a host of specialised intellectual property services. Below is a brief outline of some of these. Click on each heading to see further information.  Client needs vary greatly, so please contact us for specific detail on how we can help you.

Designed to fight the ever-increasing problem of counterfeiting and illegitimate use of intellectual property, the program is tailored to a client’s individual requirements and can include market intelligence, monitoring, surveillance, investigation and other ancillary services related to the detection, identification and control of piracy.
This program is designed to assist clients to identify and set up systems for the capture and protection of assets represented by intellectual property. Chrysiliou IP conducts an initial audit under the program to identify the areas where intellectual property may exist and areas in which it can be created. Systems are put into place under the program for the appropriate capture and documentation of all of the client’s intellectual property assets. The program is also designed to avoid disputes as to ownership of intellectual property and to provide a valuable resource for asset realisation and commercialisation.
This program evaluates and balances brand creation criteria with the marketing and legal considerations of a client’s project, so as to effectively work with the client to create a trade mark with qualities of uniqueness, consumer appeal and longevity. The service is specifically tailored to meet individual client’s requirements and can range from a simple creation service to a complete package (including consumer research and trade mark manuals) leading to the initial launch and protection of the brand. The service is designed to create a trade mark which becomes not only a valuable asset for the client, but also a valuable tool and message board in the marketing of a product or service.
This program assists clients in the marketing or commercialisation of intellectual property. Working with its affiliated firm of Chrysiliou LAWYERS, Chrysiliou IP can assist clients in the commercialisation of their IP, including such areas as the establishment of relationships with licensees or potential purchasers of inventions or other intellectual property.
Start by having Chrysiliou IP file a provisional patent application at reasonable cost in order to obtain a filing date for later international filings. Then engage the services of the Chrysiliou IP team to work with you to determine if you are likely to see your invention make money.  There is a twelve month window from such filing date before having to incur the substantial cost of international patent filings and Chrysiliou IP will assist you to be in a better position to decide whether to incur such substantial cost.
A register is maintained by Chrysiliou IP in which details of copyright creation and ownership is maintained. This is a useful resource for the identification of the existence of copyright and in establishing international copyright protection pursuant to Copyright Conventions. This is a very useful service bearing in mind that no system of copyright registration exists in Australia.
A service which takes advantage of the expertise of Chrysiliou IP for not only finding solutions outside the square, but also recognising the strengths and weaknesses of a party’s position in a contentious matter. Choose between:

  1. a report to both parties in a dispute assessing the factual situation and outlining criteria for resolving disputes; and
  2. a report to one individual party outlining strengths and weaknesses of its case, possibilities for improvement and resolution.