Trade Mark Attorney Australia

A trade mark identifies you and your product or service. When we file for a trade mark we look at the big picture keeping in mind how you want to be identified!

Every “bright idea”, catchy logo or visually appealing product is a valuable asset and our experienced and friendly Trade Mark Attorneys are here to help.  In the fierce competitive environment of the marketplace, business goodwill and the leading edge can be quickly lost through the activities of imitators.  Intellectual property law is a vital weapon against imitators.

If your goods or services are identified by a badge, sign or brand name, trade mark protection should come to mind.  Registering your trade marks, in a proper and effective manner, officially recognises such assets. It provides them with tangible value, thus enhancing your business’ bottom line.  Trade mark protection needs to be properly thought out and effective protection sought to avoid costly downsides at a future date. Anyone can buy a horse, but buying one that will not break down when the pressure is on requires a skill and good judgement at the buying stage.

Our Trade Mark Attorneys can help you to obtain an advantage over your competitors or to prevent them from obtaining an advantage over you.  We have the extensive experience and know-how to provide you with the edge in the identification of appropriate areas of protection.  Our skill includes the preparation of superior and carefully crafted trade mark applications, overcoming barriers to registration, trade mark opposition proceedings and trade mark litigation support.  We deal in all matters before the Australian Patent, Trade Marks and Design Office, IP Australia, including opposing the grant of rights to others.  Intellectual property can prove to be your most valuable asset and it makes sense to ensure that you do not lose such rights by failing to determine what protection (or action against your competitors) is available and the steps you need to take to avail yourself of that protection (or proactively take action).