Getting the Most Out of Trade Marks and Brand Creation

Prior to the 1990’s most products or services were not branded. Products and services were sold under the shopkeeper or service provider’s name. With the industrial revolution we saw an increase in consumer products and as competition grew, products were imitated. This was the driving force for the growth of brands. Brands were adopted to [...]

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Trade Mark Funtion – the changing landscape

Traditionally, a trade mark has been defined as a badge of origin. However, the question is whether this is limited to origin of manufacture. An early definition contained in Kerly on Trade Marks, 1894 (as cited in UK and Australian court decisions) is as follows: “A trade mark is a symbol which is [...]

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Your Brands – Love Them or Lose Them

Your Brands - Love Them Or Lose Them The Value of Your Brands Consider for a moment the value of your brands. At first sight, brands may appear to be simply an identifier of the various products or services in your range. However, brands are much more than that. They signify the [...]

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