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It is our mission to promote innovation, reward creativity and protect consumers from confusion in the marketplace.

Chrysiliou IP is an intellectual property firm located in Sydney Australia. We occupy a niche in the Australasian intellectual property field by bringing specialist knowledge of intellectual property, consumer law and technology law into the practice provided by patent and trade mark attorneys.

Chrysiliou IP was founded in 1987 by Andros Chrysiliou and Kerry Chrysiliou who previously had for many years been senior partners in one of Australia’s largest Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Firms. With careers dating back to 1970, Andros and Kerry used a wealth of knowledge and experience upon which to build the solid foundations of the Chrysiliou IP patent and trade mark attorney practice.

In its initial years, Chrysiliou IP Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys came to prominence with its successful handling of significantly important contentious matters. These matters had been transferred to the Firm’s care by large US multinational corporations who had faith in the Firm and who have remained loyal clients of the Firm since that time.

Chrysiliou IP has a strong team of experts in its patent and trade mark attorney practice, offering a range of specially designed services in the trade marks, patents and designs/copyright fields. These specialised services include reviewing the management of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios and creating a master plan for effective protection and safeguards in day-to-day activity.

Every day technology rights are created, traded and litigated. Chrysiliou IP is at the forefront of the action. The Firm’s mission is to guide and assist our Clients in a caring manner, from the initial stages of a project to its protection by the best possible statutory and other means. Security and confidentiality is an ethical requirement at Chrysiliou IP and you can be assured that we will protect confidential information as if it is our own.

Creativity and new ideas lie at the heart of every successful new venture. These intangible rights need to be legally protected. Chrysiliou IP hits the mark! It is a patent and trade mark attorney firm with a creative and friendly team of technically literate and experienced legal professionals who think outside the square.

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